Meet the Commissioners and staff of Michael District Commissoners.

Paul Clark

Position: Commissioner


I am 69 years old, & my wife Sue and I have been Isle of Man and Kirk Michael residents since 2001.

From 2001 until my retirement in 2015 I worked for Strix Ltd., Ronaldsway & Lloyds Bank International, Douglas as Project Manager for both organisations.

I originate from Manchester with a background in engineering & manufacturing management, having served a formal engineering apprenticeship.

I have a successful business background in change & improvement and that is where I see my skills, certainly in the short term, to improve the interaction between the local community and Michael Commissioners.

Western Civic Amenity Site Board

Duncan Livingstone

Position: Commissioner


Carole Josephine Lillywhite

Position: Commissioner


As a resident of Kirk Michael, I have a long-standing interest in the future well being of the village and its residents. I started, and hope to continue, the Young Commissioners in association with Michael school. I am a member of Michael Heritage committee and have served previously on the Commissioners Board.

As Chair of the Board I want to support and encourage new members in their endeavours to serve the Community and promote the best of Kirk Michael and Michael Parish as a whole.

Diane Louise Kelly

Position: Vice Chair


I have lived in Kirk Michael with my family for 15 years now and
love it! We thrive from the joy of village life; the children's
freedom to play outside; the support of a close knit community
and the benefits of a small class sizes at school.

I have a passion for helping people, I love our village
and want to be able to help our community - so Michael
Commissioners seemed like the perfect place for me!

From all the advice I have received so far my favourite and
the one that I think I will refer back to when making any
decision is “Try to do some good and no harm”


Catriona Joy Livingstone

Position: Chairperson


I grew up in Kirk Michael and after university moved to
California. I lived away for many years returning every year
with my daughter to visit family.

When I retired two years ago, I was able to move back

I worked as a town planner, took a few years out when my
daughter was small and then retrained as a teacher.
When I moved back home, I started a small business
‘Manx Walks’ taking small groups on guided walks in the

I wanted to be a Commissioner because I love the
Isle of Man and especially Kirk Michael and I’m motivated
by wanting to contribute. I love being home again and
living in such a safe community. 

I represent the Commissioners on the Neighbourhood
Policing Team and will do my best to communicate
Michael residents’ concerns about policing matters.
I walk and swim a lot and see first-hand how effectively
(or otherwise) local authority is functioning– things like
refuse collection, public toilets, gully clearing,
street sweeping, litter, dog poo, and abandoned vehicles.

Living in a place with a healthy environment (land and sea)
is a privilege and it’s worth putting in time and effort
to keep it that way.

The Commissioners have limited powers, but we have a
strong team now and I think together we can make a


Avril Muller

Position: Commissioner

Telephone: 07624476649

We moved to the Isle of Man in 1994. The saying goes home is where the heart is, and our home for the last 21 years has been Rhencullen.

I am passionate to give back to the community we live in. 

I have worked for the Department of Education for 23 years as Senior Education Support Officer & SEN lunchtime assistant.

I am committed to ensure that Michael has a fit for purpose bus service, that Michael does not lose its identity of being a community proud of it’s heritage.and that the communities voice is heard on major decisions that impact Michael.

Responsible member on Peel and Western District Housing Committee.

Geri O'Donnell

Position: Clerk to MIchael District Commissioners

Telephone: 418812