St Michael and All Angels church

One of the Island’s most well-known churches, it’s likely that there have been places of worship on this site since the 5th Century. The present church was built in the 1830s, and the spectacular lynchgate – built to house the historic runic crosses – is over a hundred years old. These crosses, which can now be seen inside the church, comprise the largest collection of Norse crosses on the Island and are of major historical importance.

The graveyard outside the church contains the burial sites of five Manx Bishops, including Thomas Wilson, the most famous of them all. In keeping with the wealth of history within and around the church, the current organ dates from the 1840s and is listed in the UK's National Pipe Organ Register.

The Village

Our village’s architecture has developed slowly over time, meaning there is no one single part that is “typically Kirk Michael”. Buildings have changed purpose, from commercial to residential and back again as the village has grown.

The venerable Mitre pub is probably the Island’s oldest, dating from the mid-18th century. Immediately outside it is The Old Courthouse, built in the early years of the 19th century, possibly by the notable architect Thomas Brine. It’s said to be the last surviving example of the Island’s once numerous country courthouses. Thriving businesses include a traditional family butcher, a well-stocked general store, the Dovecote Tearooms and the Village Pharmacy.